Cats and pets were always part of our family. After Luzzi died in November 2008, caused by kidney failure, we decided to get a Oriental to keep Lolita company.

This inimitable and adorable creature of our “Bubi” fascinated all of us, so we decided to adopt a little Siam Cat.... Breeding started...

Meantime our family has grown and we got offspring with adorable green eyes so we are really happy with all of them.


We live together with our cats in a row house in Parsdorf, it’s near to Munich. Our cats move free all over the house and they enjoy the permanent snuggle and cuddle.


The kitten are growing up in our living space and we will always look after bringing up balanced, cuddly and well socialized pets. We invest a lot of time and mainly love in all of our pets. The health and the wellness of our pets have first priority.


We only have a few litters a year, because breeding means the controlled propagation of excellent animals that are selected for breeding.

The aim of our choice is to reinforce desirable properties. The sale of kittens has NO priority!


We are registered at TICA since 2009 August.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me


Update 06.05.2024

Wir haben noch zwei bezaubernde Siamkitten abzugeben und haben einen tollen bunten Wurf seit Ende April!!!

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Cattery Lexacats ist seit 26.08.2009 registriert bei TICA

Cattery Annikats ist seit Juli 2019 rigistriert bei TICA


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